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Natural Gemstones In Raw Form - Beautiful Wonders Of The World & Their Meanings. 

Diamond.  Purpose, Clarity & Initiation
Emerald. Love, Compassion & Abundance
Ruby. Life Force, Courage & Passion
Sapphire. Focus, Discipline, & Inner Vision.

Garnet.  Manifesting. Self Worth. Healing

Amazonite. Truth. Harmony, Peace.
Agate. Grounding. Nourishment. Stability.
Kyanite. Psychic Abilities. Communication. Lucid Dreaming.
Garnet.  Manifesting. Self Worth. Healing
Jade. Abundan​ce, Nature Energy & Well-Being 
Amethyst. Protection, Cleansing & Intuition 
Aquamarine. Peace, Communication & Empowerment
Citrine. Imagination, Clarity & Manifestation 

Amber. Warmth, Wellbeing, Nurturing.

ApacheTears. Healing Grief, Grounding, Protection.
Apatite. Intuition, Wisdom, Communication
Alexandrite. Empowerment, Hope, Joy

Astrophylite. Focus, Productivity, Celestial Light.

AfricanBloodStone. Purification, Courage, Vitality.
Aventurine. Vitality, Confidence, Optimism.
Azurite. Vision, Insight, Learning.

DragonBloodStone. Purification, Courage, Vitality

Calcite. Cleansing, Nurturing, Healing.
Calcite. Cleansing, Nurturing, Healing.
Charoite. Perspective, Wisdom, Contentment.

Chrysocolla. Wisdom, Communication, Gentle Power.

Chrysoprase. Love. Healing.  Joy
Fluorite. Clarity, Focus, Order.
Hematite. Grounding, Clarity, Manifestation.

Howlite. Surrender, Letting Go Of Attachments.

Iolite. Intuition, Vision, Integration.
Jasper. Grounding, Earth, Energy
Labradorite. Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Journeying

Lapis Lazuli. Vision, Truth, Awareness.

Larimar. Peace, Relaxation, Communication.
Malachite. Protection, Leadership, Confidence.
Moldavite. Spiritual Awakening, Visioning.

Moonstone; Intuition, Inner Work, Patience

Morganite; Divine Love, Emotional Healing.
Obsidian: Protection, Purification, Grounding.
Onyx. Focus, Discipline, Self Mastery

Opal; Releasing Attachments, Emotional Amplification

Pearl: Self Care, Nurturing, Emotional Healing.
Peridot; Positivity, Abundance, Creation
Picture Jasper; Visioning, Earth, Magic

Quartz; Manifesting, Amplifying other stones.

Rhodochrosite; Emotional Healing , Nurturing, Joy
Rhodonite; Purpose, Generosity, Contribution.
Rose Quartz; Love, Trust, Emotional Healing

Smoky Quartz; Grounding Clearing, Practical Action

Snowflake Obsidian; Persistence, Overcoming Difficulties.
Sodalite; Insight, Clarity, Intuition.
Tanzanite; Integrating Heart & Mind, Wholeness

Tiger Eye; Balance, Grounding, Discernment

Topaz; Manifesting, Clarity, Magnification
Turquoise; Wholeness, Truth, Communication.
Unakite; Removing Toxicity, Healing The Body; Perseverance. 
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