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The Intercessory Process

The Intercessory Process is a Unique Feature of the Hand Crown™️. All our Hand Crowns go through this Process before getting to you.

We intercede on your behalf that your Infinite Spirit provides you with all that you need on earth. Whether it be healing, happiness, joy, peace, success, wealth etc.

Whatever it may be, your Hand Crown™️ acts as a point of contact, and a connection between you & your infinite spirit. For the purpose of providing you with all your hearts innermost desires for the greatest good of all.

All our Designs come with The Intercessory Card. 

Overleaf, write down your innermost desires with your name along with the date. You are welcome to share your desires and outcomes with us by email or social media with #thccinnermostdesires. We love to keep the connection going and celebrate with you.

We are a Community of like minded people. Our Belief is in the Restoration Of Global Peace. Our Actions Are Always for the Greatest Good Of All.

Connect with us today.

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